Hyper-automation, what is it and how does it optimize my business?

Technology advances by leaps and bounds, new tools emerge every day that help make our lives easier. At the same time, new tools are emerging that help optimize processes, reduce errors and increase employee satisfaction. That is why we will talk about hyper-automation: it is AI-based automation.
The decade of the 00’s was full of automation in order to improve efficiency, increase the speed of processes and optimize people’s work.
In 2020 according to Gartner (global research and consulting), hyper-automation is the buzzword. In addition, according to the Coherent Market Insights report, AsiaPacific has been a leader in hyper-automation since 2018. This new technology goes beyond RPA.

What is Hyper-automation?

It is an advanced combination of predictive tools such as robotic process automation, also known as RPA, artificial intelligence or AI, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing, this to automate the processes that resulted in humans.

Today all companies are in search of a digital transformation: hyper-automation is one of those options that make it happen at high speed. With it we can increase efficiency, employee satisfaction and optimize repetitive operations to achieve a reduction in resolution time.

How to bring hyper-automation to life?

We have to ask ourselves 3 questions to start

What is my goal when implementing hyper-automation?

Increase revenue, reduce downtime, or ensure accuracy.

How am I optimizing?

There is a great need for structure within the system and flow. This means that continuous flows are being evaluated, optimized to the maximum and improving to be able to give the impulse that is required in the processes.

What tools will be used?

You have to evaluate: time, money and effort that you will invest. Especially in the configuration and maintenance of hyper-automation.

Benefits for business leaders

We will list the advantages that are obtained when implementing this type of program.

Performance metrics

To track and understand how well the tool is performing.


The optimization in the response does not compare to that of a human.

Data-driven decisions

By having all the information at hand we can make the best decision for our company.

Error free

As long as the code and technical support are solid, we can be confident that we will be error free.

Objective of hyper-automation

Getting the maximum potential and capacity out of workers has always been a challenge for organizations. With hyper-automation, you can think that there will be layoffs. However, this is not the case. The idea behind hyper-automation is to automate more, so that more productive work can be done.
The quality of work is a psychological reinforcement and has a very high correlation to boost employee motivation and morale.
It is for the collective good that hyper-automation is implemented within organizations seeking to scale work, employees, processes, and more. Redundant work can be delivered with robots / digital logic, and humans can perform activities that contribute to organizational results.

Will hyper-automation eliminate human labor?

Absolutely not! No single tool can replace humans. Here, humans play an integral role in the hyper-automation process. Humans need to start thinking of hyperautomation as a “friend” that can multiply the power of human productivity.
Hyper-automation was created to help us work faster and smarter, making work meaningful and allowing us to contribute to the things that matter. With hyper-automation and assorted plug-ins, the output value is extremely large.


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