More than just Assets!

An asset is a resource with economic value, who is controlled with the expectation to provide a future benefit.

Assets are important because they have clear financial benefits (generate revenue, increase your business’ value, facilitate the running of your business), but they can also improve people’s life-chances and social relations.  

A good understanding of the importance of assets can help to achieve potential savings and reduce risks.

Managing assets to they can provide products and services is a core part of the discipline known as asset management.

According with IAM (The Institute of Asset Management), “Asset Management is about to extracting value more than what you do to assets. It is about using assets to deliver value and achieve the organization’s business objectives.

Successful asset management requires the active participation of many individuals within an organization and its supply chain. It requires the understanding and support of internal and external stakeholders. Asset management is increasingly recognized as being delivered by cross-functional teams at all levels of the organization.”

Recognized the path and maturity of asset management in your organization is key activity that def•alliance can help you with. Ask to one of our consultants how.


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