Optimize your enterprise asset management!

Effective enterprise asset management requires a disciplined approach that allows organizations to maximize the value of these assets throughout their lifecycle, thereby contributing to the achievement of strategic objectives.

Our enterprise asset management practice offers a comprehensive strategy with discovery workshops. From process and operations analysis to the assessment of the maturity of your enterprise asset management.

We lead successful projects from start to finish. Ensuring success in the implementation and/or adjustment of your processes and the deployment of IBM Maximo Application Suite.


Evaluate your enterprise asset management!

Understanding the current state of asset management, including maintenance management, is essential to establish an action plan that improves processes, decision-making, and the utilization of IBM Maximo Application Suite.

At def•alliance, we can help you identify opportunities to enhance application functions, strengthen use cases, and enrich the quality of information. Working together, we can develop a continuous improvement plan that enhances your enterprise asset management.


Accelerate your results!

At def•alliance, we understand that implementing solutions is a critical task. That’s why we offer our implementation services under traditional or agile methodologies to ensure results are achieved.

We focus on anticipating and identifying common project execution obstacles to provide you with a tailor-made solution and ensure its success.

Our services include:

• Project planning and management
• Good practice advice
• Change management methodology



Become an expert!

Our training courses and workshops prepare you to facilitate tasks associated with enterprise asset management using IBM Maximo Application Suite.

At def•alliance, we offer hybrid training solutions (remote or on-site).

We work together with you to define content that meets your requirements. All our courses can be customized to cover your specific needs, even based on your own processes.


Incident and problem management are the perfect complements to sustaining your operations once projects are completed.

At def•alliance, we have a team of ITIL-certified consultants dedicated to resolving incidents and problems associated with the use of IBM Maximo Application Suite.

Our goal is to collaborate with you to enhance application performance and propose opportunities to evolve your enterprise asset management processes on the path to predictive maintenance.


  • Incident and problem management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Solution and correction
  • Development of information reports
  • Technical consultancy
  • Functional consultancy


  • Performance monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Solution and correction
  • Capacity planning

Define the best support scheme with us that covers your needs and ensures operational continuity.

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